Chinese Camp 2021

at Belmont

JUNE 7-JUNE 23, 2021  

Mon/Tue/Wed 9:00 am-1:00 pm

Seats are limited.

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What to Expect...

Daily Schedule

  • Mon/Tue/Wed

  • 9:00 am-1:00pm

  • Lunch with friends!

      (bring your own)


  • Daily focused tones exercises

  • Memorized Chinese tongue twisters

  • Grammar, vocabulary from college-level textbooks

  • Final test derived from ACTFL language standards


  • Proper stroke order and a few basic radicals for ease in reading

  • Build self-study language habits through the use of Chinese character paper and other resources.


  • Enjoy Chinese food--yum!

  • Tai Chi

  • Chinese paper cutting

  • Other cultural lessons

Health & Wellness

tai chi.jpg


Mr. & Mrs. Carman


  • Ensure quality & mission alignment for Belmont language camps

  • International experience (France, Switzerland, South Pacific)

  • Degrees in Instructional Technology, French, Psychology


Miss Carman

Chinese I/II Teacher, Belmont

  • 7 years studying Chinese

  • Lived 1.5 years in Asia

  • World Languages Sterling Scholar Runner Up in 2016

  • Bachelor's in Asian Studies, with Chinese language Minor, BYU (2022)

  • Specializes in proper tones, clear pronunciation and gradual language immersion in her classrooms




At Belmont, students refine their speaking, listening, and writing skills, and grow in character. They learn to communicate precisely and persuasively, as they become men and women of discipline and influence.


The experiences at Chinese Camp 2021 have been carefully chosen for middle and high school age students, as they prepare for college and become leaders and doers in an increasingly connected world.

Chinese Camp 2021

at Belmont


Seats are limited.

(SAVE 15% with coupon code: ZHONGWEN)