"And the Lord will create...

...a place of refuge" Isaiah 4:5-6


At Belmont we look to Christ in the firm belief that doing so will benefit not only ourselves and our families, but society as well. Learning is a joy as we know our Savior, who loves us now, and sees us as we can become.


As we learn of Christ, we are better able to emulate His character. Belmont students practice courtesy, kindness, and gratitude, and are true, just, generous, and eager to uplift others.

The cultivation of Christian virtues is a natural part of the daily and weekly experience. We begin each day with Bible study (King James Version) and end each week with an all-school devotional. By reading carefully-chosen stories and literature, we become acquainted with individuals who exemplify (or learn) the reality of redemption and the value of gratitude, love, truth, faith, forgiveness, and intentional living.


It is also helpful to share what we are "not." We are not a church. We are non-denominational. Because parents have the primary role of nurturing the faith of their children, we support, but do not replace, home and church. We "live in charity" and are united by our hope in Christ and our love for the students and families we serve.



(Beautiful Mountain)


"How beautiful

upon the mountains

are the feet of him that

bringeth good tidings,

that publisheth peace..."   - Isaiah 52:7   


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