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Students Thrive

in Small Classes

Online at Belmont

The Classical, Christian School in American Fork, Utah

Belmont is an independent, K-12 school in the classical, Christian tradition.
Our goal is for students to receive an education of the highest quality, in a peaceful, orderly environment,
that they may live happy, abundant lives, well-prepared to be leaders and doers in a free society.



Belmont upholds gospel truths taught at home. In partnership with parents, we help students prepare to succeed in the world, while confidently holding up the light of Jesus Christ.


Belmont cultivates a feeling of peace and joyful learning. Each day begins with prayer and Bible study. In daily interactions with others, students practice courtesy and generosity of heart.

Statement of Faith



 The purpose of Classical education is

to develop wise and virtuous leaders

and doers. We join Classical educators across the country in restoring the

pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness

in every subject—from the arts to

artificial intelligence.

The Belmont experience includes smaller classes, lasting relationships, Latin and other languages, a focus on character, and a robust curriculum for

college-bound students.



Each human being is created to act, and not be acted upon. As American citizens, we are trustees of freedom secured through the sacrifice of others. We honor that trust as we equip the next generation with the principles, habits, and tools of self-government.
To preserve Belmont’s operational and educational independence now and in the future, we avoid debt and accept no government funding.

Belmont Classical Academy at a Glance

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Partner Member

We couldn't be happier! Belmont is exactly the kind of school I've always wanted for my kids. Small classes, high academic standards, in an environment that fosters moral and civic virtue. Belmont has exceeded our expectations in every way!  --Parent of an 8th grade student

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M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 pm Mountain Time.

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