Grades 3-5 Curriculum

In grades 3-5 Belmont students develop their hearts, minds, and bodies. They feast on the best of children's literature; master arithmetic; study history and geography; and practice spelling, penmanship, composition, and Latin. They develop courtesy and character, and learn to create beautiful art and music. The materials, below, have been carefully chosen for students grades 3-5, in preparation for success in upper grades.


(Literature/ Grammar/ Composition)

Great books develop character and a growth mindset. We intentionally choose books that help students:

  • Increase in wisdom and virtue,

  • Boost reading comprehension,

  • Cultivate moral courage,

  • Emulate the best writers,

  • Enrich the vocabulary, and

  • Develop cultural literacy.

English grammar, usage, and composition are taught each year. In grades 3-5, students learn Belmont's systematic phonics program, designed to produce early, fluent readers and good spellers.

Aesop's Favorite Fables

Illustrated by Milo Winter


A Wonder-Book for Girls
and Boys

By Nathaniel Hawthorne

Mother West Wind Series
by Thornton W. Burgess

Writing and Rhetoric Series
by Classical Academic Press


Additional classic literature, such as The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle by Hugh Lofting


A solid foundation in math, including mastery of arithmetic, is the key to success in science, technology, and engineering.

Math 5/4 
by Saxon Publishers

Math 6/5 
by Saxon Publishers


(according to individual student level)


Students begin Latin in third grade. As they systematically learn the structure of this extraordinary language, their thinking becomes more organized and their writing abilities mature.

Latina Christiana 

by Memoria Press


Students develop a love of science by enjoying the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

The Book of Astronomy 

by Memoria Press

Christian Studies/

Students find peace in Christ as they learn of Him. In Bilble/Christian Studies, students explore the history, geography and teachings of the Old and New Testaments, and commit scripture to memory.

KJV Bible - New Testament

The Golden Children's Bible



Students learn to draw maps and become acquainted with stories of  the great men and women in world and American history.

Greek Myths

by Ingri d'Aulaire, Edgar Parin d'Aulaire 


Music is a universal language of enormous power. Mathematical at its base, it develops the mental abilities of students while enriching the soul.

Our sequential music program instills a love of music in each student. Our music curriculum includes music theory, with the training of the voice as a primary instrument.

*Specific curriculum materials will change as we continuously improve while staying anchored to our mission.

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