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Jared Carman
Founder, Head of School; Bible Studies
Mr. Carman is dedicated to helping students become leaders and doers. Over the last 25 years Mr. Carman has grown multiple learning technology companies, impacting millions of learners worldwide. Currently the owner and CEO of a Utah learning and testing company, Mr. Carman loves to invest in young people. Prior to founding Belmont, Mr. Carman served as Board Vice-Chair of the classical, Christian school he attended in his youth. Mr. and Mrs. Carman founded Belmont after feeling moved upon to create a classical, Christian school for their own daughters, and for families in Utah County. Mr. Carman holds an M.S. in Instructional Technology from Utah State University and a B.S. in Psychology from Brigham Young University.
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Denise Carman
Founder, Curriculum Director; Latin, French
Mrs. Carman delights in teaching, and in creating, for students, a feast of the best books. Over the last 15 years, she has guided curriculum choices and taught in home and private schools. While serving as Curriculum Chair for a 7-12 charter school, she worked closely with teachers and department heads to ensure that curriculum choices were mission-aligned. Mrs. Carman has visited classical, Christian schools across the country, and collaborates with like-minded administrators in Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Arizona, California, and Utah. Mrs. Carman is an award-winning French teacher. Having lived in France and Switzerland, she shares her love of French with her students. Mrs. Carman holds a B.A. in French from Brigham Young University. Her greatest joys are her own five children.
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Alyson Williams
Writing & Logic
Ms. Williams cultivates excellence in thinking and writing. As a board member for the family advocacy group Gathering Families, Ms. Williams uses her command of the English language to write policy briefs, press materials, and well-researched and compelling articles. She is a persuasive presenter and helped organize the “Families Light the World” campaign for the 2016 World Congress of Families. Ms. Williams holds a BS in Education from Brigham Young University, and, as a Trustees Scholarship recipient, knows the value (and reward) of hard work, endurance, and trust in God.
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Alyssa Carman
Miss Carman happily spreads an infectious love of Asian languages and culture. An award-winning student in high school, Miss Carman was awarded the BYU StarTalk Debra Wells Chinese Excellence Award, and was Utah Sterling Scholar Runner-up for World Languages. After living abroad for 18 months in Seoul, South Korea, Miss Carman returned to the US and founded Woori English, an international online tutoring business, where she focuses on relevance and context in language learning. On scholarship at Brigham Young University, Miss Carman holds a 3.95 GPA as she completes her B.A. in Asian Studies (class of 2021).
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Emily Duncan
Music, Drama; Grades 3-5: Latin, Math, Astronomy
Mrs. Duncan is a classically-trained choir director, opera singer, and vocal performance coach. She has performed with Brevitas, Audivi Vocem, High Plains Chamber Singers, and the Brigham Young University Singers, in such places as Ireland, England, and Wales, in the U.K., as well as in California, Montana, Nevada, and Utah in America. Mrs. Duncan directed junior high students in Arizona, and served as assistant director for Audivi Vocem Conductors Choir. Mrs. Duncan currently serves as Director of the American Fork Youth Chorus. She holds an M.M. in Music Education from Arizona State University and a B.M. in Vocal Performance from Brigham Young University, where she was awarded a talent scholarship.
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Graham Carman
Information Systems, Web Development
Mr. Carman is a classical education entrepreneur. In his role at Belmont, Mr. Carman leverages technology to drive growth, streamline processes, and evangelize classical, Christian education. For the last two years Mr. Carman has served as a programmer and full-stack developer in the Office of Information Technology at Brigham Young University. A man of many talents, Mr. Carman is as content pondering CSS as he is CS Lewis. He is a regular participant at national conferences for the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), and now serves as BYU chapter president for the organization. As Mr. Carman completes his B.S. in Information Systems at Brigham Young University (2021) he looks forward to graduate school and a career growing classical, Christian schools.
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Michelle Stallings
Western Heritage/English Studies
Mrs. Stallings has been immersed in classical education for the last seven years. She has taught her own children as a home-school mom, and was a well-loved teacher at a home school co-op in northern Utah County, teaching middle and high school students History, Chemistry, Biology, and other sciences. Meticulous in her preparation, Mrs. Stallings has a passion for excellence and a warm demeanor, helping students learn, out of the best books, wisdom and virtue. Most recently, Michelle received certificates in History, Literature, and Classical Composition from the Classical Latin School Association.
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Sydney Stonehocker
Math & Science, Facility
Mr. Stonehocker brings a wealth of experience to the classroom. A USAF/NWS veteran who served in Desert Storm, he has taught students grades 6-12 in Algebra, Geometry, Robotics, Science, and other subjects, in public, charter, and private settings. Mr. Stonehocker knows the value of preparation—he has run 7 marathons, and holds a 4:42 for the mile run. Mr. Stonehocker is a licensed General Contractor and a certified piano technician. He holds a Masters of Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Brigham Young University.
Tracy Jorgenson
Mrs. Jorgenson loves students and has a contagious enthusiasm for math. At the college level, Mrs. Jorgenson has taught students in College Algebra, Business Calculus, and Quantitative Reasoning with Integrated Algebra. At the Junior High and High School levels, she has taught students in PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus. With a BS in Mathematics from Brigham Young University, Mrs. Jorgenson regularly puts her math expertise to good use, as a computer programmer, teacher, and mother.
Jared Johnson
Mr. Johnson excels at coaching students to become eloquent speakers. As a winning competitive speech student he earned multiple first place rankings and the year-end honorable mention for outstanding performance at Wasatch Independent Debate League (WIDL) events. Mr. Johnson loves students and has taught comparative politics, history, technology, and music to middle and high school students in private and home school settings. In his current role as a competitive speech coach, Mr. Johnson prepares students to not only become polished speakers, but to make friends in the process. Mr. Johnson holds a B.A. in Political Science from Brigham Young University.
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