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Latin Camp at Belmont



JUNE 20-JULY 8, 2022  

Mon-Thu 9:00 am-12:30 pm

Bring your own lunch!


Seats are limited.

Register by April 15th and

SAVE 15%

with coupon code: gratias22




What to Expect

Daily Schedule

  • Mon-Thu

  • 9:00 am-12:30pm

  • Lunch with friends!

      (bring your own)

Customized Groups

  • Latin I

  • Latin II

The Latin Advantage

  • Discover the Latin Advantage in STEM, ACT/SAT, and cultivating a love of learning.

  • Expand your English word power.

  • Find Latin connections to sports teams, universities, medicine, and law.

Grammar, Writing, Freedom!

  • Master over 1,000 verb combinations.

  • Grammar concepts taught both inductively and explicitly.

  • Find out what our Founding Fathers learned from Rome.


  • Enjoy Italian food---delectamenti!

  • Games & themed activities

  • Fun with friends

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Mr. & Mrs. Carman


  • Ensure quality & mission alignment for Belmont language camps

  • International experience (France, Switzerland, Tahiti)

  • Masters/Bachelors Degrees in Instructional Technology, French, Psychology (BYU, USU)

Mrs. Heder


  • Has taught Latin, Literature, Classical Studies, Christian Studies, and Science in home and private schools for the last ten years.

  • Before her family’s relocation to Utah, Mrs. Heder launched a Latin-centered education program with several campuses in Southern California.


At Belmont, students refine their speaking, listening, and writing skills, and grow in character. They learn to communicate precisely and persuasively, as they become men and women of discipline and influence.


The experiences at Latin Camp at Belmont have been carefully chosen for middle and high school age students, as they prepare for college and become leaders and doers in an increasingly connected world.

Latin Camp at Belmont



Register by April 15th and

SAVE 15%

with coupon code: gratias22

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