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This after-school art class is taught by Mrs. Shelley, and focuses on skills in painting with watercolor. Students gain a better understanding of the medium, including control while painting, inspiration on what to paint and how to create beautiful artwork with a wonderful medium. The class is held Thursday afternoons following school dismissal, from 3:30-4:30pm. Lessons start on January 25th and conclude on May 16th (classes will not be held on February 29th or April 4th). This semi-private class is open to students in 4th grade or above, parents, and teachers!


Mrs Shelley has a love for watercolor and its ease and diversity in use and has been teaching the medium in school and privately for many years. If you have a student interested in expanding their skills and understanding in painting and watercolor, this would be a wonderful class for them to attend!


The class fee covers the cost of the class for the remainder of the year as well as all materials and supplies  -  students will be given their own professional grade art supplies while attending the class and will keep them once the class has concluded.

Watercolor Group Lessons

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