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Belmont Students Experience a Seder Meal

By Mr. Falconburg

Western Heritage and Logic Teacher

Belmont students recently experienced a seder meal, connecting a 3,500-year-old tradition to the Last Supper of our Lord.

The meal was provided by Charlotte Cannon, a former Belmont history teacher, who came back to provide this opportunity for our middle and higher schoolers. Students learned that Passover is a week-long religious holiday that celebrates the story of the Israelites escaping from slavery in Egypt. The seder meal is traditionally held on the first two nights of Passover.

Experiencing a seder meal not only has significance for us as a classical school that teaches the history of Western civilization and the enduring influence of Jerusalem. As Charlotte Cannon made clear, it also has significance to Christians as Holy Week and Easter approach.


Belmont is an independent K-12 school in the classical, Christian tradition. In partnership with parents, we invest in students — helping them acquire an education of the highest quality, find joy in life, and become influences for good in the world. If you are interested in receiving updates about Belmont, please subscribe to Exulto here by inserting your email.


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