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Kindergarten and 1st Graders Perform "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"

By Mrs. Wood

Kindergarten / 1st Grade Teacher: Math, Science, History, Geography

The delightful story The Tale of Peter Rabbit was joyfully performed on April 20 by Belmont kindergarten and 1st-grade students. This classic and timeless story, written and illustrated by the talented Beatrix Potter, has been a favorite for many years.

For several weeks, the students worked diligently to memorize their respective parts, which encompassed the complete first story of Beatrix Potter. Students were dressed to match their assigned characters. There were two performances - one for the students and faculty and one for students' families and guests.

Although Beatrix and her brother, Bertram, enjoyed raising various pets, it was the spry little rabbits that became Beatrix’s favorites. She was self-taught drawing animals by studying both their anatomy and behavior. The story of Peter Rabbit was inspired by Beatrix’s sending a letter to Noel, an ill little boy she had previously cared for. Initially, she was uncertain as to what she should write about and send to Noel. Beatrix decided to write Noel a story. The story she shared was about Peter Rabbit. The rest, as they say, is history!

Beatrix Potter was a talented author and illustrator. Initially, her books were printed in black and white to save cost. She was challenged by Frederick Warne & Company, if Beatrix would be willing to redraw all her illustrations in color, the publishers would publish her books. She agreed to those terms. The following year, The Tale of Peter Rabbit was published for the first time, more than 100 years ago. Beatrix wanted her books to be small enough to easily fit into a child’s hands. She also wanted the paper used to print the books to be of a thicker texture, making it easier for children to turn the pages. Beatrix’s books are published in 45 languages. Each page of her stories contains rich, meaningful lessons about life. Beatrix once said; “If I have done anything, even a little, to help small children enjoy honest, simple pleasures, I have done a bit of good.”

On the day of the play in between performances, the students were able to enjoy a memorable experience! Their teachers had set up a bakery filled with several items mentioned in The Tale of Peter Rabbit, including a beautiful spread of vegetables and fruits, like those that would have been found in Mr. McGregor’s Garden. Students were given menus of the available items. They then purchased items from the menu with play money. A very successful day indeed!


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