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Thank You, Veterans!

The students of Belmont Classical Academy hosted a special devotional for Veterans Day, featuring beautiful music and patriotic thoughts. Parents, guests, and honored veterans gathered to enjoy this very special celebration. Highlights included a rousing rendition of the Armed Forces Medley, the Missing Man Table, and a moment of silent prayer for the fallen soldier. Two of our upper school students, Josie DeNosky and Kate Boynton, spoke on the value of veterans in our world today. A guest speaker, Lt. Col. Ron Ulberg (US Army and Air Force, Ret). and Co-Director of Utah Honor Flight, shared thoughts on the importance of the patriotic life and reminded us to express our gratitude for veterans both living and dead. At the end of this special devotional, Head of School Jared Carman reminded us that the veteran is an example of someone who lives out our Belmont motto: caritas (love), veritas (truth), and actio (action).

At Belmont, we believe it is the duty of each generation to pass on its most important values to the rising one. Remembering and honoring the sacrifice of veterans and their loving families is an essential part of developing gratitude for the many God-given freedoms we have inherited.

We hope you had a happy Veterans Day!

By Anastasia Heder

Latin, Admissions Director



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