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Thoughts on Holy Week and Easter Sunday

By Jared Carman

Head of School

This week is known worldwide by Christians as Hebdomada Sancta, or Holy Week. The week begins with Palm Sunday. Later in the week, on Thursday, we remember Jesus’ last supper with His disciples and His suffering in the garden. On Friday we remember the day Jesus was

falsely accused, tried, and convicted, and died on the cross. Holy Week finishes with joy as we celebrate Easter Sunday, the day Jesus rose from the dead.

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. When Jesus came into the city, the people ran to greet him as a king, putting palm fronds and items of their own clothing in front of the donkey He was riding. In those days, clothing was precious, and putting it in front of Jesus to walk on was a way for the people to show their gratitude and humility. Some families, on Palm Sunday, symbolically welcome Jesus to their home by putting clothing or palm fronds on the floor, just inside the front door of their home.

One week from today, Thursday, we remember Jesus’s last supper with His disciples. It was at the Last Supper that Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, blessed bread and wine to help believers remember His sacrifice for us, and taught His disciples to love one another. After the Last Supper, Jesus and his disciples went down out of Jerusalem, and up onto the Mount of Olives where Jesus again taught His closest friends. They went to the garden, and Jesus prayed, suffered, and was betrayed and arrested.

Friday of Holy Week is the day we remember when Jesus was tried, first by the chief priests, then by the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate. He was whipped and mocked, then crucified on the cross. When He died, the veil of the temple tore in two, and there was a powerful earthquake and terrible storm, such that the Roman soldiers near the cross said, “Truly

this was the Son of God!”

On Easter Sunday we remember how Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene and other women. When Jesus was resurrected, many other graves were opened and the saints who rose went and showed themselves to others. Jesus appeared to His disciples and showed them the marks on His hands, feet, and side. Jesus taught and prepared His disciples in many ways. 40 days after His resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven. Angels came down and said that Jesus would someday return in the same manner in which He had just left.

As we enjoy Spring Break next week, and a rest from our studies, let us remember the one who gives us peace and rest: Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, our Healer and Teacher, who overcame death, and who redeems us from our sins and mistakes. Truly this is good news!


This historical thought was delivered by our high school students at devotional on 3/30/23. Each week one class leads the student body in prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, scripture recitation, a meditation, and an historical thought. Family and friends are welcome, Thursdays 8:30-9:05 am

Belmont is an independent K-12 school in the classical, Christian tradition. In partnership with parents, we invest in students — helping them acquire an education of the highest quality, find joy in life, and become influences for good in the world. If you are interested in receiving updates about Belmont, please subscribe to Exulto here by inserting your email.


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