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Work at Belmont
(We are growing!)

Belmont is a special place to work! In partnership with parents, we invest in students—helping them acquire an education of the highest quality, find joy in life, and become influences for good in the world. The following new positions are now open:

[HIRED] Uniforms Specialist

[HIRED] History Teacher (GRADES 6-12)

[HIRED] PE Teacher (GRADES 6-12)

[HIRED] Anatomy & Physiology Teacher (GRADES 9-12)

[HIRED] Math Teacher (GRADES 5-6)

[HIRED] Grades 1-2 Teacher

[HIRED] French Teacher (GRADES K-12)

Jr. Kindergarten/Kindergarten Teacher

Latin Teacher

Music Teacher (GRADES K-12)

For more information please call at 801-252-4160 or use the email form, below:

Thanks! Message sent.

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