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In Honor of A. A. Milne

Alan Alexander Milne

By Mrs. Boynton | Bible Studies, Latin, History, Science, Math, Music

Alan Alexander Milne was born on January 28, 1882 in London. He attended the small school, Henley House, where his father was the headmaster. Henley House was very similar to Belmont in both education and size. While at Henley House, his grammar school science teacher was the now famous author H.G. Wells, with whom he would correspond years later.


A.A. Milne graduated from Henle House, The Westminster School in London, and finally from Cambridge University’s Trinity College with a degree in mathematics in 1903.


Even while pursuing his degree in mathematics Milne realized that his professional future would lie in literature. He wrote for and edited the University of Cambridge student magazine Granta.


After graduation he wrote for and edited the literary humorous magazine Punch for 12 years. In 1915 A.A. Milne began his military service during World War I as a member of the signal core. After the war Milne published several plays and novels, adding to his already established career as an author. While these works were well received, it wasn’t until 1924 that A.A. Milne wrote the first of what would be his most famous and lasting works.


A.A. Milne’s literary legacy would be collections of poems and stories inspired by his only child, Christopher Robin. His first collection of children’s poems When We Were Very Young was followed in 1926 by his book Winnie the Pooh, another poetry collection Now We Are Six in 1927, and more stories of Winnie the Pooh in The House at Pooh Corner in 1928. A.A. Milne wrote several other works for adults, but none would capture the hearts of his readers the way that his children’s literature did.

A. A. Milne died on January 31, 1956 in his Sussex home. Following is a favorite of A.A. Milne’s poems found in Now We Are Six.

Video Credit: Scott Hart Media


This historical thought was delivered by our Grammar school students at devotional on 1/18/24. Each week one class leads the student body in prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, scripture recitation, a meditation, and an historical thought. Family and friends are welcome, Thursdays 8:30-9:05 am.

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