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John Hancock: A Finisher!

By Jared Carman

Head of School

This week marks the birthday of John Hancock. A man of action, John Hancock was born on January 3, 1737. As a youth, John attended Boston Latin School, a classical, Christian school where students grades 7-12 read Virgil and Cicero, and cultivated a love of God, family, and country.

As an adult, Hancock took decisive action and finished what he started. He became a successful merchant and statesman. He not only spoke out against British abuses of authority, but he used his great wealth to help fund the Continental army.

John Hancock was elected president of the Second Continental Congress in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Knowing that if he signed the Declaration he would risk his life and property, Hancock famously signed his name so large that the king of England "wouldn’t need to use glasses to read it."

One year before the decisive battle at Yorktown, John Hancock was elected governor of Massachusetts, with over 90% of the vote. He named his only son John George Washington Hancock.

Like Hancock, we attend a classical, Christian school. We learn Latin, and read Virgil and Cicero. Like Hancock, we show our love for God, family, and country, and like Hancock, we take action and finish what we start.


This moment in history was delivered by high school students at devotional on 3/5/22. Each week one class leads the student body in prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, scripture recitation, a meditation, and an historical thought. Family and friends are welcome, Thursdays 8:30-9:05 am.


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